The Sahel faces one of the world’s fastest-growing humanitarian emergencies

Driven by conflict, insecurity, widespread poverty and the climate crisis.

The My Sahel Initiative is a ground-breaking and innovative project that aims to raise awareness and funding for humanitarian action across West Africa’s Sahel region through Music, Visual Arts and Web3 Technology.

Featuring some of the most iconic musicians and visual artists from the Sahel region, the initiative led by Conscious Music Group in collaboration with the United nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, leverages the power of blockchain technology to raise funds, bring awareness and create community.


Visual Artists


In partnership with leading Web3 music platform TokenTraxx, the project features a ground-breaking NFT series showcasing Visual Artists from all over the globe.

Proceeds from The Sahel Initiative will benefit humanitarian action through UN’s Regional Humanitarian Fund for West and Central Africa which focuses on the Sahel Region.